How Do I Reserve A Room?

Booking is easy! There are a couple of ways you can do it:

• Go to our Apply Online page, fill out the form and submit it, we will be in touch soon.

• You can send your booking request via email info@meldene.co.za

• Or call us on 068 142 7724

What Is Included In My Rent?


Does My Room Have Internet Access And Phone?

Wireless broadband Internet is available and is included in your monthly rental. There are no set up costs and no contracts. There are some weak spots on the property but mostly you can get a signal from anywhere on the property. There is no landline on the property.

Is There Parking?

There is a limited number of garages that get allocated to students with their own vehicles, if not all garages are taken by students then the garages may be used by your visitors, having been properly arranged with us. There is also ample space in front of the house and guests may also park their vehicles in the park directly across the student house.

Does My Room Get Cleaned?

Yes your room can be cleaned but must be arranged with the housekeeper as you will need to give her access to your room and you will have to be present during the cleaning.

What specific rules and regulations are in place at Meldene Accommodation

Standard tenancy regulations are in effect, and all residents are required to read and sign a Residency Conditions Form prior to commencing their residency at Meldene Accommodation.

What specific security measures are implemented at the premises to ensure the safety and security of residents?

All individual rooms are equipped with locking mechanisms. Parameter secured by a 2m brick wall with palisade fencing, alarm system linked to armed response, cctv monitoring, card reading access system.

What type of rooms are available?

We have, sharing rooms, single rooms as well as a few private cottages.