How do I reserve a room?

Booking is easy! There are a couple of ways you can do it:

• Go to our Apply Online page, fill out the form and submit it, we will be in touch soon.

• You can send your booking request via email info@meldene.co.za

• Or contact the property by phone on 076 495 3853 or 081 558 8446

How much money do I have to pay before I move in?

The last thing that any student should have to worry about is where they will be living, therefore we offer 11 months contracts to all our students.

– Each student needs to pay a non-refundable fee of R300. (This is an administration fee covering things such as the drawing up of contracts, etc.)

– There is a room reservation fee which is 30% of the deposit (which goes against the student's deposit) and is refundable or

– Pay the deposit in full prior to moving in or when moving in along with the first month's rent. The deposit is equivalent to one month's rent.

Please note that bookings cannot be guaranteed unless you have paid your application fee and room reservation fee or deposit.

What is included in my rent?

How far is Meldene Accomodation to a shopping center?

Campus Square is just 600m away and the Melville Super Spar is even closer to that (and often frequented by our local 7de laan stars, among others) and if you're looking for a mall, Cresta is approximately 5kms away. Other amenties near us are Sophiatown Police Station- 2kmHelen Joseph Hospitial- 1km, Milpark Hospital- 2km, Virgin Active – 2kms Restaurants and Fast Food outlets- 500m and best of all is that Kingsway Campus entrance is just 200m away!

Does my room have Internet access and phone?

Wireless broadband Internet is available and is included in your monthly rental. There are no set up costs and no contracts. There are some weak spots on the property but mostly you can get a signal from anywhere on the property. There is no landline on the property.

Is there parking?

There is a limited number of garages that get allocated to students with their own vehicles, if not all garages are taken by students then the garages may be used by your visitors, having been properly arranged with us. There is also ample space in front of the house and guests may also park their vehicles in the park directly across the student house.

Does my room get cleaned?

Yes your room does get cleaned on a weekly basis. The cleaner will, vacuum your floor and empty the bin, clean window sills. The rest of your room is your responsibility i.e. your desk. It is also your responsibility to pick up everything off the floor for vacuuming.

Do I provide my own linen?


Do I have to vacate my room during the holidays?

Our year runs for 42 weeks. During that time your room is your own and you do not have to vacate. However if you are not going to be there over night or for extended periods you will need to inform us.

What rules and regulations apply?

Standard tenancy regulations apply. There is also a Residency Conditions Form that you will need to read and sign before your start your residency at Meldene Accommodation.

What is security like?

All rooms are individual locked and there are security doors fitted to every external door. The house is locked up at 11pm every night. The high exterior walls have been made even more secure by the 1.5 meter high spikes, as well as the added bonus of ADT protection that do 24hr security patrols and park in the park directly across from the student house.

What is in a shared room?

In a shared room there are 2 beds, in all shared rooms there are 2 desks with 2 chairs and 2 clothes cupboards.

What is in a semi-single room?

In a semi-single room there is one bed and a desk with a chair and a clothes cupboard.

What is in a private cottage?

In a private cottage there is a bed, desk and chair, clothes cupboard, private kitchenette and bathroom.